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Table 1: Genes list

Table 2: Gene information

Table 3: Predicted motifs

Plot 1: Motif distance from TSS (0)

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Table 1: Matched TFs

Table 2: Predicted genes for the selected TFs

*Binding domain similarity between TFs protein and the selected species gene protein sequence determined after each pair of sequence is blasted using deltablast software against NCBI conserved domain database (CDD)
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Table 1: Matched motifs

Plot 1: Motif cluster for the selected TF

Matched TFs

Table 2: Target genes for the selected motifs

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Table 1: All motif cluster represented by central motif

Plot 1: Motif clustering

Plot 2: Similarity trees represented by central motif

Table 2: Motif cluster by source database

Plot 3: Similarity trees by source database

Table 3: Motif cluster for each source database

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Table 1: Genes in specific region

Table 2: Predicted motifs for the selected genes

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Table 1: Genes in gene set

Table 2: Most enriched motif for each motif cluster

Table 3: Target genes for selected motif

Plot 1: Selected genes network via shared TFs